Zennor Japan Equity Income Fund

The Zennor Japan Equity Income Fund

The Zennor Japan Equity Income Fund is a UK UCITS fund investing in Japanese equities. The fund was launched in April 2023 and aims to provide a meaningful and growing level of income whilst preserving and growing capital. The climate for enhanced shareholder returns is improving with Japan in the midst of a Corporate Governance revolution.

The fund focuses on investing in companies able to grow cash flow and sustain dividends through time which will in turn provide a growing stream of income for our investors.

Fund Details:


Spring Capital Partners Limited


 The Bank of New York Mellon (International) Limited

Authorised Corporate Director

Waystone Management (UK) Limited


Link Fund Administrators Limited

Investment Manager 

Zennor Asset Management LLP 

Fund Umbrella 

WS Zennor Investment Funds

Dealing Contact 

+44 345 922 0044; Email: investorservices@linkgroup.co.uk   

Dealing Cut Off 

Daily, 5:30pm BST on the Dealing day before the relevant Valuation point




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